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We will help you understand how LLM's work so you can excel in school, exams, or in pursuing a passion.
Learn to use these tools  and be a rockstar! 

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Tech Camps For Students Since 2009

Why Is This Important?

AI & LLM's are the Future. Medicine, Law, Marketing, Finance, Media, Engineering - all of these indstries are increasingly shaped by Large Language Models. 
In today's evolving digital landscape, the skill of prompt engineering has emerged as a critical competency.  By mastering this skill, students gain a competitive edge in the classroom and foster a mindset geared towards innovation and critical thinking. Learning prompt engineering encourages the development of clear communication, logical thinking, and creative problem-solving skills. 

By introducing students to prompt engineering, we're not only preparing them for a future where AI is a fundamental part of work and creativity but also enhancing their overall cognitive abilities. This skill set empowers them to be the innovators and creators, ready to lead and shape the future of our digital world.

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Parents Rave About us

Teaching Tech, Coding and Computational Thinking Since 2009.

"My daughter has been at UCode since 9th grade. She was recently accepted to Cornell University. Knowing how to code helped alot."

Xiao Li
Pasadena CA

"A very good program. It really does teach kids coding. There is a clear course progression. 5 Stars."

Ithaca, NY

"Clearly the best curriculum in the USA. And the least expensive programs we have found. My two sons love it. "

Henry D.
Menlo Park, CA.

"...many of the instructors have been teaching at UCode for years. My kids have grown up with them!"

Elaine Y.
Palos Verdes CA.

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