Oct 23 / Academic Director

Online versus In-person Courses.

They are staring at a screen working ideally working at their own pace with support of an instructor. Where that screen is located makes NO difference to their learning.

We know. We have the data that compares student progress on-line and in-person. Class size is a more important determinant of learning outcomes than online or in-person. A UCode class has on average 4-5 students, so there is more than enough instructional time from the teacher and kids spend their time coding.

Surprisingly there is no significant difference in learning progress between small class and 1:1 instruction. Huh? How is that? Its called “phantom learning” and it is a well-documented outcome of a learning environment with several students working on the same curriculum. What happens is that students hear the questions and interactions between the instructors and other students. This often serves as a preview of a future lesson or concept or as a reminder of what they previously covered. In both 1:1 and small class formats, it is critical that students work at their own pace, because student learn at their own pace.

This is particularly true for early age and elementary school learners. If teachers teach to the slowest student in the room your student will feel either bored or pressured that they are falling behind
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